Dog And Cat Grooming

A Happy Pet

Grooming is an essential part of keeping your pet happy. Some breeds demand more grooming than others, however all pets require some type of grooming. Sometimes your pet will need to be groomed every day! It is smart to do research on your pet’s needs so that you can give it what is best for its wellbeing. You can expect to get your pet groomed professionally at least once a month or every six weeks. It is especially important for pets that have long hair or do not shed enough. 

Having pets such as poodles or long-haired cats will require frequent grooming. Grooming services often include washing, cutting and shaving hair and sometimes treatments. Keeping your pet well groomed helps with hygiene and also their physical appearance.

More Than Grooming

If your pet does not need professional grooming, you still need to groom it regularly. You can easily do this at home. There are various benefits to grooming your pet on a daily basis, these include:

  • Assists with preventing a variety of health problems such as scratching, thrush and other skin issues
  • Helps with keeping your pet clean
  • You can use the opportunity to monitor the health of your pet. You can check for cuts, swelling, lameness and also any change of their temperament
  • Creates a bond between you and the pet as you are able to devote time to giving them attention
  • Reduces infestation of parasites such as ticks and fleas that are found on your pet’s skin
  • Prevent matting which is bad for your pet’s health.

Pet Grooming AND Bathing

Bathing is an essential part of grooming, especially with dogs. Taking your dogs to a professional for bathing can get quite pricy. You can bath your dog in a sink, bath, shower or even outside with a hose. Make sure the water used for washing is sufficiently warm, but not hot. Prior to bathing, you should completely brush the dog’s coat out, this is especially important if your dog has a long or thick coat.

You can purchase shampoo and conditioners made for pets to ensure it is safe. Consider pre-mixing the products with water for an even distribution. You should avoid lathering the head as the product could get into their eyes. Always make sure your pet is rinsed off completely as chemical residues are unhealthy on their skin. Make sure you do not bath your pet too often as it is important that their coats are not stripped of natural oils. 

Another important aspect of grooming is dental care. You can purchase dental kits made especially for your pet’s dental hygiene. The design of the toothbrushes is made to make brushing their teeth easy. The toothpaste is usually sugar free and flavoured. You do not need to worry about rinsing after brushing their teeth. 

You can make the choice of whether to groom your pet at home or use a professionally grooming service. Our grooming services will ensure that your pet gets the best care for their coat. There is nothing better than a clean, happy and fresh smelling pet.

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