Project Description

Dr Kitty BVSc (Hons), Veterinarian

Kitty graduated from the University of Sydney in 2012 with first class honours. She has been working in small animal practices in Sydney exclusively ever since. She joined Epping Veterinary Clinic in 2014 and is loving all aspects of working here. She loves surgeries and pays great attention to all the furry animals that she treats.

Kitty is also our official “Asian language” interpreter. She speaks fluent Cantonese, Mandarin and our nurses keep asking her to speak Korean except she doesn’t speak it.

In her spare time, Kitty tends to stray kittens and nurtures them until they are ready for rehoming. The most kittens she has had at once was 6 (5 from the same litter and 1 orphan). She was a proud mummy when they grew into loving, strong kittens and went to good homes.

你好. Dr Kitty 正在休产假, 暂时请预约我们的其他兽医. 我们还有2位会 说广东话的兽医. 如果您想预约门诊但是你不会说英语, 请用英语电邮至​或在网站预约. 谢谢!

如是紧急情况(例如: 您的宠物流血过多, 呼吸困难, 严重受伤, 等等), 请打给我们, 简单的说: Emergency (或 Urgent), 你的手机号码, 还有你 说哪种语言, 我们会立即找人为您翻译.

We have 2 other vets who can speak Cantonese. If you would like to book an appointment but you can’t speak English, please write in English to our email ​​, or book online on Thank you!

If it’s an emergency (e.g. bleeding a lot, difficulty breathing, severely injured etc), please call us, simply say emergency (or urgent), your mobile number and which language you speak, and we will find someone to translate for you ASAP!